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Gem security patrol vehicles
Quick, quiet and safe residential & retail security
Retail shopping centers and residential communities have unique security needs. Some locations need a constant 24-hour security presence, while others require an officer to patrol a larger area, visiting different places at random times. Both of these security methods are superb at crime and theft prevention, and ASSS Nationwide Security is in a distinctive position to deliver both types of services. With our Gem security patrol vehicles, our security officers can guard shopping centers and communities in a quick, quiet and safe manner.
The Gem security patrol vehicles are an excellent method of implementing a quiet, mobile security guard presence. Our patrol vehicles have been used throughout Melbourne City and Sydney to provide security for gated communities and retail outlets. One of the biggest benefits of the Gem patrol vehicle is a completely silent patrol. With no engine noise, gated residential communities and condominiums have the security they need, day and night, without disturbing the peace of the residents.

In addition, the security patrol vehicles have zero emissions and are completely environmentally friendly. Security guards will be able to patrol where cars cannot go. Gem vehicles are faster than a human can run, but slow enough to keep patrols safe for use in communities. Security guards will be able to outrun any burglar, while ensuring the safety of community residents or shopping center employees.
With ASSS Nationwide Security’s Gem patrol vehicles, retail security and residential security are greatly improved. Our security guards can easily maintain a constant surveillance over larger areas, without noise or danger. Retail shopping centers, gated communities, and condominiums throughout the Melbourne City, Sydney, and Northern Territory areas, are thanking ASSS Nationwide Security for expert security guard patrols with our Gem cars.
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