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ASSS Nationwide is a specialist High-Level Security Agency and a high-end provider of tactical security services. It is an agency that specialises in dealing with complex and problematical security matters which cannot be managed nor risked by using a basic standard security company. ASSS is one of only a few private security agencies in the world that is genuinely capable of dealing in all serious, dangerous and critical security situations involving High-Level Security and Counter Terrorism protection.

ASSS Nationwide is called upon to deal directly with complex high-risk security situations for the reason that we encompass some of Australia's highest trained and most experienced security personnel. ASSS Nationwide has specialist-trained Special Operations personnel with certified tactical high-level security training. ASSS Nationwide Security operatives derive from specialist backgrounds of Australia's and the world's most elite security and protection organisations, being military special forces, Government agencies, tactical law enforcement, and private specialist high-level security agencies, thus providing a highly efficient and structured security service.
ASSS Nationwide Security places particular emphasis upon designing and implementing practical solutions to ensure that only the highest levels of security or protection is in place and has international recognition for doing so. ASSS Nationwide is also renowned for implementing innovative and imaginative solutions and being able to have the speed and flexibility to react and deliver solutions quickly in complex and unpredictable environments.

ASSS Nationwide protects people such as Government personnel, Corporate personnel, Dignitaries, Diplomats, VIP's and Celebrities, Media personalities, Royal family members as well as any high-net worth persons whom they believe are under threat, whilst residing in Australia or travelling the world.

ASSS Nationwide advises both Governments and corporations concerning current and future high-risk threats and situations, ensuring only the highest levels in world security measures are in place for their safety, security and protection.

Australian Special Security Services is able to assist and support any organisation or individual who specifically requires professional level security for a professional situation, whether they are situated in Australia or internationally around the world

Our core services include:

• Traditional Security Guards
• Armed Security Guards
• Governmental Security Administration
• Bodyguards & Event Security
• National Network of Certified Security Contractors
• National Network of Private Investigators
• Process Service
• Facility Maintenance

Going Green

ASSS has begun efforts to Go Green. Utilizing our paperless tracking devices, on-line reporting systems and an array of digital forms located on our employee login page, ASSS has drastically reduced our reliance on paper. ASSS has the in-house ability to create digital forms and the skills to integrate our computer programs with our clients' business software, creating a seamless conveyance of security related information to key personnel. Additionally, ASSS's facility maintenance division uses only green products that have the least (negative) impact on the environment. ASSS Nationwide Security is Certified Green by the Green Business Association.

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