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Australian Special Security Services is a leading private security guard firm based in Australia. ASSS Nationwide Security Services operates exclusively in the states of Victoria and New South Wales, our company has expanded our services to the 2 states in addition to Northern Territory and with offices in the countries of Japan and Afghanistan. Our specialities include traditional and high risk security guard services, governmental security administration and protection and security consulting projects.

ASSS Nationwide currently holds private security and governmental contracts domestically and internationally. Our security officers guard critical infrastructure facilities and high priority target locations such as underground transportation facilities, subway systems, bus terminals, ferry terminals and properties, international railway systems, high risk housing facilities, convoy protection and Close Personal Protection (Bodyguards) for diplomats, government dignitaries and VIP's. ASSS Nationwide is a security provider to many state and territory municipalities.

Additionally, ASSS Nationwide Security provides security for firms such as McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, IGA Supermarkets, 7-11, and Hundreds of Small Businesses.

Australian Special Security Services is a leading member of Association of Investigators and Security Professionals.

We offer a "Quote in 5 Minutes or Less" Program. Simply fill out the form on the right and click submit. We will call you within 5 minutes, guaranteed. Any calls made after the 5 minute lapse time, will result in a $100 credit toward our services, if a contract is awarded to ASSS Nationwide Security Services.

Reducing the Risks - Protecting People's Assets and Infrastructure Nationally & Internationally.

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